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Solvent Cleaners

1501 Premium Virgin Thinner
Premium wash solvent for automotive and industrial coatings. Special blend formula contains aromatic hydrocarbons and polar solvents which provide exceptional performance. Multi-use, ready-to-use and body shop safe. Effectively removes petroleum-based...
Ready-to-use, fast drying blend of refined solvents containing fortified surfactants that remove petroleum-based and cosmoline contaminants. Quickly and safely removes grease, wax etc. from paint and chrome. Effectively removes petroleum-based...
Safe to use on most surfaces. Test compatibility in an inconspicuous area before using. Effectively removes petroleum based transit coatings and cosmoline. Safe to use on most surfaces. Solvent-based. Will...
Sap Remover
A highly concentrated blend of organic solvents designed to safely remove sap from most vehicle surfaces.  Available in: 1 gal and 5 gal CALL NOW FOR PRICING: 419-874-2662
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